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Dasha Boswell (They/She)

AFI Founder and DC Coordinator.

Grew up up and down the east coast from NC, to VA, to NY. Passionate music and art event coordinator and chronic illness advocate. Currently in their final year at The George Washington University studying Public Health. 


Willow Faith Hart (They/Them)

Executive Director

Willow is a multi-media artist from NY. They've been a board member since January 2021 and are the Founder of the first collegiate chapter of AFI at Eckerd College, as well as the St Petersburg chapter. They have big dreams for the future of AFI and their art career.

Ris Igrec (They/Them)

Co-Founder and Board President

Ris is a filmmaker & artist dedicated to cultivating local community bonds. They have organized AFI events along the East Coast, partnering with organizations including The LOFT, Girls Rock! DC, and Sad Girls Club.
Ris looks forward to expanding the organization’s operations and reach through chapter and online development.

Gillian Probert (She/Her)

Chief Financial Officer

Gillian is a multimedia artist who loves drawing, painting, sculpting, and henna art. She just graduated Eckerd College and will be part of our St Petersburg chapter! In her free time she rock climbs, loves the outdoors, and makes art with friends. 

Willow Contreras (They/Them)

Board Vice President and Secretary 

Willow is a multi-media artist born and raised in Florida. Their passion lies in art and they specialize in resin, but enjoy a wide variety of mediums from clay to crochet. Willow is a firm believer in building community, and seeks to uplift and amplify the voices of marginalized people within it. They were recently the artist coordinator for our St. Pete's chapter's Pride Month Fundraiser, and are excited to see how AFI continues to grow and serve our community.

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